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How would you like to personally talk with James Donaldson, founder of Your Gift of Life Foundation and author of Celebrating Your Gift of Life?

Schedule a date and time on the calendar below that works for you and James will get back to you to confirm.

The two numbers listed below are both managed by James, and he will listen to the VM’s and get back to you within 48 – 72 hours.

Click here to read an introduction of James’ latest book, Celebrating Your Gift of Life.

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or suicidal ideations, and feel that there’s no hope and no tomorrow, please, I invite you to give me a call. I’ve been there and made my way through all of that, and am there for you as well.

Calls are a 30 minute, one time complimentary, no obligation gift to you.

*Disclaimer: James Donaldson is not a licensed mental health professional and can not and will not give medical or medication advice. The intent of the call is solely for the purpose of providing a listening ear, and suggestions of where you can find help and support.

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