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In this episode, James Donaldson shares how his highs and lows helped him gain confidence, overcome adversity and honor his gift of life. From his time in the NBA, a knee injury that introduced him to the world of physical therapy, life as a successful entrepreneur, health issues and his current run for mayor and more — he continues on a very storied journey. He is passionate about mental health and urges people to speak openly and seek help when needed.

Equality for Boys and Men During our interview last month with James Donaldson, we discussed his past struggles with depression and the methods by which he considered ending his own life – including ‘suicide by cop’.What is ‘suicide by cop’? What did James view as the pros and cons of ending his life that way? How did the suicide of Tyler Hilinski (Hilinski’s Hope) impact James’s life during his period of deppression? Find out in this 5-minute video:…/ This post details how 3 out of every 4 instances of suicide in Washington state are boys and men taking their lives:…/#seattlesonics#supersonics#suicideprevention#mentalhealth#mentalillness#suicidebycop#depression#TylerHilinski#HilinskisHope#CougNationJames Donaldson for Mayor

Our Amazing Greats host,  Joe Micheals, really gets to the emotional heart of NBA star James Donaldson. At 7’2  James played two decades in professional basketball, including the NBA’s San Diego and Los Angeles Clippers, NY Knicks, Utah Jazz.  Dallas Mavericks and the Seattle Super Sonics.  Prepare to be moved by James’ authentic story of depression and his being on the brink of suicide.  Hear how God walks with him down his path of depression and how James came through it,  committed to helping others deal with dark times.  Plus he’ll share his vision for Seattle as a mayor candidate and we’ll ask him when the Super Sonics will be back to the city he loves.  

SurvivingTheSurvivor 7-foot-2 inch James Donaldson is a retired professional basketball player who played 14 seasons in the NBA, mostly for the Seattle Supersonics, and in several leagues across Europe. But, he went on to become so much more: a husband, stepfather, successful business owner and Seattle mayoral candidate. His life was seemingly perfect, even saying, “I had lived a very charmed life. I had no problems, none.” But all of that changed a few years ago …–James-Donaldson–NBA-All-Star-and-Mental-Health-Advocate-e1lqjal: News and Interviews

  1. Your failures in life come from not realizing your nearness to success when you give up.”-how does that work in your journey?
  2. Describe the 3 d approach-Desire, Dedication, and discipline and what is the difference between being successful and staying successful.
  3. You speak about leadership in the trenches-you have had coaches like Raveling, Riley, and Wilkens-what are their different leadership styles and how do different leaders motivate different players?